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The Green Mini Grid (GMG) Facility Kenya has provided output-based grants to mini-grid developers with a target of reaching over 100,000 people through household and small business connections. The mini-grids provide reliable power, which in turn catalyze small business growth leading to improved household incomes for rural families, and particularly for women and youth. However, many communities do not have the capacity or financing to scale these businesses. They lack the knowledge on how the integration of energy into the value chain of these businesses, or the application of energy for productive use can improve their economic status. Powerhive received technical assistance from the GMG Facility Kenya to analyze the micro-enterprise sector opportunities - providing market system and financial model analysis for productive use of energy. They have also been awarded a grant to scale its work in Western Kenya. Powerhive has leveraged this technical and financial support to expand the mini-grids, and design comprehensive microenterprise programs to stimulate demand and improve the quality of life in rural communities. The result is not only higher utilization of the power for productive use, but ultimately, the boosting of household income and the spurring of economic development.

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Directorate of Renewable Energy,
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